Territorial Directorate of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Crimea

Including: State Residence No. 3 Mala Sosnovka. Shatro (19 Simferopol highway, Masandra urban-type settlement);  Residence Dubrava-2 (hunting lodge) (42 Partyzanska St., Alushta, AR Crimea); State Residences No. 6, 8 Mukhalatka (Yalta city, Oliva village, Foros urban-type settlement); State Dachas No. 9, 10 Mukhalatka (Yalta city, Oliva village, Foros urban-type settlement); State Residence No. 11 Zorya (Yalta, Foros urban-type settlement); Dachas No. 5, 7 (Yalta, Gaspra  urban-type settlement, 23 Alupkinske Highway); State Residence Yusupovsky Palace-Park Manor Complex (Yalta city, Koreiz urban-type settlement, Parkovy Uzviz Street, area of building No. 26, Dzherelna Street, area of building No. 27).

Name in Ukrainian

Територіальне управління Управління справами Президента Російської Федерації в Республіці Крим

Name in Country of Registration

Территориальное управление Управления делами Президента Российской Федерации в Республике Крым

Name Before Occupation

The Main Directorate of Health Resort Institutions in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea of the State Administrative Directorate, Registration ID: 24025140.


Occupied Territory

Date of Implementation of Sanctions


UA Sanctions Expire Date


Decrees of the President of Ukraine

№ 133/2017 від 15.05.2017№ 126/2018 від 14.05.2018№ 176/2018 від 21.06.2018№ 266/2021 від 24.06.2021